Cable Wrangler & Organization Innovations

We aren’t just excited about the Cable Wrangler because of all the ways that it can be used. We are also excited about the means in which our cable management products can be utilized to more effectively organize cords, cables, and other equipment. To speak plainly, the Cable Wrangler and Bungee Balls don’t just keep…read more

Stage Cable Management Is A Must

Welcome to the Cable Wrangler blog! We offer cable management products that are not only easy to use, but can revolutionize the way that you store your   cords and cables. Whether you are a DJ, roadie, sound tech, band, or another type of stagehand, you don’t have time, and you shouldn’t have to deal…read more

Introducing the Incredibly Useful Bungee Ball – Part 2

Welcome back to the Cable Wrangler blog! In our last blog post, we began talking about the various uses of bungee balls. There are over 100 uses! In our last post, we talked about how bungee balls can secure a canopy tarp to a canopy frame and how they can be used in place of…read more

Introducing the Incredibly Useful Bungee Ball

Have you ever seen a bungee ball? Have you ever used a bungee ball? You may be wondering what in the world a bungee ball is, but there is a good chance that you have used one and not even known what it is called. Welcome to the Cable Wrangler blog and today we are…read more