Cable Wrangler & Organization Innovations

We aren’t just excited about the Cable Wrangler because of all the ways that it can be used. We are also excited about the means in which our cable management products can be utilized to more effectively organize cords, cables, and other equipment. To speak plainly, the Cable Wrangler and Bungee Balls don’t just keep you from experiencing the nightmare of spaghettification: we offer so much more! Is your interest piqued? Keep reading!

Color Coding

Whether you are a homeowner, IT professional, musician, sound engineer, or really anyone working with a ton of cables and cords, you need a means for easy differentiation of the types of cords you handle. If you need quick and easy setup and tear down, it is essential that you have a way to quickly tell your cords apart. For example, musicians can use different colors of the Cable Wrangler to keep their instrument cables separated from their mic cords or amp power cords. IT specialists can also use color coding for sorting network cables of various lengths. Because the Cable Wrangler is available in four different colors (collect them all!), you can not only avoid time-consuming tangles, but actually save time organizing!

Tool Organizer

The Cable Wrangler doesn’t just wrangle your cords of cables. It can also effectively organize your tools. Whether you are a handyman or the office’s designated IT troubleshooter, our cable management products can also function as an easy way to transport your tools. Simply loop the Bungee Ball through the tool handle and hang it on the Cable Wrangler. Not only is it incredibly easy to transport your tools, but the Cable Wrangler can also keep the cords of your tools coiled and out of the way. The Cable Wranglers truly is an all-purpose Wrangler!



How Do You Wrangle?

There are a lot of ways to use your Cable Wrangler to keep your life organized and untangled. How are you using your Cable Wrangler? We would love to learn how the Cable Wrangler and Bungee Balls are helping organize your home, business, band, studio or IT firm. Share your success in avoiding the spaghettification of your cords and cables!

Don’t have a Cable Wrangler? Are you ready to use less time untangling and more time doing? It’s time to shop our cable management tools online!