Are You a Victim of Spaghettification?

Whether you’ve been a homeowner for a while or just moved into your first place, we all know what it’s like to try to find the best way to organize your belongings. We buy bins of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and stuff those boxes with items that we don’t know what to do with in our basements, garage, or the closet of our spare rooms. Finding the best way to organize your things takes time and usually a system of trial and error. However, there are a few items that seem to have been created to annoy us with complex tangled knots that really are the things that make nightmares. Today, we will dive deeper into the horror of spaghettification.


What is spaghettification? Keep reading to learn if you might be a victim! (spoiler alert: you are.)

The Bane of Christmas Lights

As small children make snow angels and are practically vibrating with excited, joyful energy for Christmas and Santa’s annual trip around the world, there is another, darker side that only adults know. Jaded by years of Christmases that feel more like Christmas Vacation than Santa Claus is Coming to Town, adults (and in many cases Dads) are left with the excruciating task of putting up the Christmas lights. It isn’t the actual task that of putting up the twinkle lights that sends a slight chill down the spines of fathers everywhere on Black Friday, it’s the chore of detangling the lights before even putting them up. It seems inevitable, no matter how much care is taken, those tiny, evil bulbs will interlock with the multiple wires of the Christmas lights producing spaghettification — a tangled mess that more closely resembles the horror of spooky Halloween tales than the light-heartedness of the Christmas season.


Never fear! There is fail-safe solution.

The Infuriating Tendencies of Extension Cords

Spaghettification doesn’t just haunt your home when Christmas music begins to play. It can creep into your life at any time. Whether you use extension cords for yard work, woodworking projects, or Pinterest projects gone wrong, these cords will inevitably be tangled. There is no coiling process that can keep spaghettification from creeping into your home. It can take down even the most veteran of homeowners, causing the throwing up of hands, ripping out of hair, and mood-shattering frustration.




However, tangled extension cords isn’t a way of life you have to accept. A cable management product is out there that can not only save you time, but save your sanity from the toils of de-spaghettification (yes, that’s a word…as of now!).

The Curse of Computer Cables

Spaghettification or the spontaneous tangling of cords and cables to an unexplained, almost supernatural level does’t just haunt our garages, it can strike anywhere! It can even affect our computer cables, leaving us scratching our heads and wondering if we will need to find a witch doctor to un-curse our cables. Even if we finally do detangle our cords and finally utilize them for the task we need, the defeat of wasted time is imminent.

Spaghettification can happen to anyone, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. There is a better way!

Cable Wrangler to the Rescue!  

You don’t have to live in fear of spaghettification or waste precious minutes of our day untangling a mess. The Cable Wrangler is here! The Cable Wrangler is a cable management product that utilizes the power of Bungee Balls and fail-safe organization. Instead of throwing your Christmas lights in a box, your extension cords in a pile on the floor, and your computer cables in a wad, coil them and use the Cable Wrangler to keep your cords right where they are supposed to be. Install and hang your Cable Wrangler or throw it in a box. No matter how you choose to use it, it will keep the spaghettification at bay. Visit the Cable Wrangler store to buy our revolutionary cable management products and multi-purpose Bungee Balls.