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17 reviews for Black Cable Wrangler

  1. Mark E.

    I don’t know how I survived without it! As a musician & homeowner, I have been inundated with tangles of cords for years. I’ve gone from system to system — carefully tied bundles, boxes, storage bins, etc…but the result is always the same. With enough time, the cords tangle themselves, resulting in more frustration & wasted time. With the ‘Wrangler’, it’s super easy to keep your cords coiled and easy to access. You can actually grab a cord or put it back without causing the others to get messed up. I know what everybody’s getting for Christmas this year!

    • Cable Wrangler

      Well put! We got tired of velcro (hook and loop) strips to bundle our cables after a gig. Those strips always bind to themselves and become just as frustrating as the cable itself!

  2. Stephanie L.

    I love this product!! I’m super organized and I hate clutter, so being able to organize the cords in my garage is fantastic!

    • Cable Wrangler

      While I am not super organized like you, I have very little space. So I hang my Cable Wrangler’s vertically on a stud in my shed by a single 3″ screw. The way the Cable Wrangler is designed, it doesn’t matter whether you hang the cables vertically or horizontally. They are retained and kept secure by the design of the cup in the Wrangler. Since it is a ball in a cup, the cables spin freely and will lie flat against a wall vertically or horizontally!

  3. Richard R

    I love this man! I travel most of my days throughout the week with my IT supplies. This has helped me substantionally with my work. I recommend the product to anyone who needs help with cable management! ??

    • Cable Wrangler

      Thank you! It doesn’t matter what kind of cable you work with. The Cable Wrangler handles any/all of them with ease!

  4. Cade K.

    Seriously, where has this been? I drag my cords around in an old suitcase, or at least I did, util this thing came along. No more tangles! I like the red one the best, but green is cool too. Going to make a great Christmas present!

    • Cable Wrangler

      That’s great! We also have other colors available! Mix and match!

  5. Dave R

    I was fortunate enough to acquire a proto type unit and test it.. I don’t use dinky little cords, I use the heavy construction cords and after using it for 4 months non of the bungee ball cords have stretched. They are good as new. It will hold more weight than I can carry. On the jobsite I just drive a nail (sometimes it takes 2 nails) and just hang the cable wrangler on the nails. I then take the cords to where I will use the individual ones and drive another nail to hang it by the bungee balls. (be sure and order more or the bungee balls as they are top quality. I have even hung my skill saw and other tools using the bungee balls and keeping the clutter off of the floor. You can use the cable wrangler for more than cables it works on ropes or anything you can loop a bungee ball cord on.

    • Cable Wrangler

      Wow! When we originally designed this product, it was designed by musicians for musicians and the mess we encounter on stage during set up and teardown. Thanks to you and others, we keep getting new applications for this product and ways to hang it and store it. The Cable Wrangler is virtually indestructible and built to withstand almost any weight load!

  6. Matt W

    Great Idea. simple, durable, and incredibly useful.
    I work in the construction industry and have to roll out several heavy duty extension cords every day. The bungee balls isolate all the different cords extremely well, and they are “Stupid simple”. The system practically explains itself to anyone who uses it for the first time. One less thing I have to worry about every day. My guys roll out their/my cords faster with zero mess. And roll up time is a more efficient as well. Every cord gets rolled, wrapped with a bungee ball and placed in the carrier, when all the cords are in their respective carriers one handle brings everything back to the truck/trailer. DONE!
    Definitely will recommend this to anyone in the construction industry!!!

    • Cable Wrangler

      Very much appreciated! We designed this product to be as simple and intuitive as possible. It sounds like you use some very large extension cords. May I recommend you try our heavy duty 7″ cords? They are crazy strong with all brand new material. They will definitely help you secure the bigger cables easier!

  7. Jim Rodgers

    Let me just say, as a lucky owner of a demo Cable Wrangler, the two of you (and your friends!) really hit it out of the park with this product. It is the answer to ALL the cord/cable related mess in your home or at work. Great job, guys!

    • Cable Wrangler

      Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm! We really appreciate your time and input during our development process!

  8. Chris R

    I keep the cable wrangler hung up by an electrical outlet on my shed and now all my extension cords and air hoses are organized and convenient to get to.

    • Cable Wrangler

      Thanks so much for your thoughts and additional uses for the Cable Wrangler!

  9. Michael

    I wish I could give it 6 stars!

  10. Michael G.

    The cable wrangler helps me keep all of the cords and cables in my garage neat and organized. I’ll never go back!

  11. James Bertrand

    Great product. I have a lot going on in my garage, and my hoses and extension cords were always a problem and made really it really cluttered because there was no good way to hang them. I drove a couple of screws into studs in the wall and hung this bad boy, and no more clutter. If you’re in the same boat, do yourself a favor and get one of these. It’s a matter of sanity!

  12. David Korecki

    I’m an organization freak. Love these for the fact they pull all cords into one spot. Just drive 2 nails into the wall and hang and go.

    • Cable Wrangler

      Very cool! I did that in my shed too!

  13. K. W.

    Cable wrangler makes cables and clinical OCD more friendly with one another. I use this in the garage for a number of extension cords and charging cables for battery operated tools. I love the ease of use and how well it travels with me. I can’t wait to see what cable wrangler comes out with next, as I am already sold on future innovations.

    • Cable Wrangler

      We are so happy to help your OCD! Looking at a mountain of tangled, unorganized cables can really mess up your day!

  14. JB Kellogg

    Awesome product. We bought a bunch for organizing our server room. My only suggestion is making them in orange! That’s our company colors:)

    • Cable Wrangler

      Thanks so much for that comment! While we never designed our product to replace a stationary horizontal rack mounted system, we did design it for IT/Help desk professionals to keep a portable cable management system when you have to show up at a client site and fix whatever. The Cable Wrangler can keep up to 12 cables of any variety for your needs. Always ready to go from the server room to the clients location.

  15. Tyler Snell

    Being a vinyl DJ who records live mixes and uses multiple outboard effects, cable management from the studio to the stage was a pain. I know how to wrap a cable, but there’s something strange that happens when you place more than 1 cable into a bag: entropy. Being able to bring my cables from the studio to the stage in a perfectly organized manner is huge. Time to setup has been cut in half as my cables are easily accessible by my crew. No more digging in a bag only to find the cable you need is attached to 6 other cables.

    • Cable Wrangler

      This could not have been said any better! You didn’t mention that a lot of times the stage is dark. Most cables are black. Bad combo for cable management. We appreciate your comment and love how how you brought thermodynamics into the conversation! Enjoy your Cable Wrangler!

  16. Don Kellough (verified owner)

    What a great addition to my shop!! I’ve always rolled up my many extension cords and hang them on various hooks. I rolled up the cords and hung them from the Cable Wrangler, they look organized for the first time in years!! I plan to order another for the rest of the cords and emergency lights. Great find!!!

  17. Jackson Cornelius

    This thing is great! Arrives fast, and works better than I imagined!

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The Cable Wrangler cable management tool and included Bungee Balls provides endless organizational opportunities:

  • music equipment cords and cabling
  • Christmas lights
  • household extension cords
  • IT/IS cable management
  • heavy construction extension cords, air hoses, ropes and tools

Don’t Go Another Day Without Keeping Your Cables Under Control!


  • One-of-a-kind cable management product provides reliable and effective organization
  • Use for music cables, computer cords, and multiple applications around the house
  • Can hold up to 100 pounds when used with Cable Wrangler’s custom Bungee Balls

The Cable Wrangler cable management tool is designed for everyone and can be used with basically anything you can wind up and want to keep organized. Our cable management tool can hold up to 12 cords, cables, ropes, air hoses, garden hoses, Christmas tree light strings, extension cords, tools and more. Hang up the Cable Wrangler cable management product in your garage, throw it in a bag, or lay it on the floor, and your cables will not come out. Your cables or whatever you choose to organize with Cable Wrangler’s cable management tool stays organized, visible, and easily accessible. Perfect for all of your stage and studio cable management needs. Buy the Cable Wrangler and never deal with tangled cables and cords again!

Each unit is pre-assembled and packaged with 12 heavy-duty Cable Wrangler 5 inch Bungee Ball cords. If you need more Bungee Balls, we sell those too!


  • Holds up to 12 cables
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • High Density Polypropylene
  • 12 Cable Wrangler Branded Custom Heavy-Duty Bungee Balls
  • Product length: 19 inches
  • Bungee Ball length (ball + cord): 5 inches
  • Extra Length Heavy Duty 7″ Bungee Balls sold separately.

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Dimensions 19 × 6 × 2 in